Friday, February 02, 2007

Monmouth County Republican Party

As we all know by now, the Monmouth County Repbulican Party has instituted a candidate selection screening process for all those wishing to seek the party line in upcoming elections. While I support the idea of a screening process as a means to put forth only the best and most qualified candidates, I question the process of including incumbents who have clearly established themselves as elected officials within the Republican Party.
*To ask an incumbent to appear before a committee in order to establish their vision for the future of Monmouth County is a good idea.
*To ask an incumbent to appear before a committee to question them about issues that may have compromised their ability to win a future election is a good idea.
However, to ask an incumbent, who has been elected to office by the people, who has proven that he/she is competent and capable of perfoming the functions of their office and whom by all accounts have done a terrific job, to appear before a committee against others within the party who simply wish to challenge them for their seat is not a good idea.
I do not believe in the Republican Party self-imposing "term limits" on ourselves. If we have (as we do now) qualified, competent and hard working incumbents representing us as a people and a party, we should not look to remove them.
In the past, we have all heard the stories of those that never got their chance to run for higher office because of the incumbents that remained in office for 20 or 30 plus years. However, we need to take a serious look around and realize the impact that these individuals had on our county and our party. Monmouth County is consistently ranked as one of the best counties to live in the entire United States. We have County parks, golf courses, open space and many other wonderful opportunites right in our own back yard. Financially, Monmouth County has maintained a "AAA" bond rating, we operate with a surplus while many other counties right next door to us operate in the red. Monmouth County is consistently offering grants for open space, parks and many other improvements necessary for municipalities to maintain a higher quality of life standard.
The Monmouth County Republican Party is responsible for the tremendous quality of life that all of us have come to expect and enjoy. All of this starts with our elected officials, our incumbents, past and present.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the residents of Union Beach for placing their trust in myself & Albin Wicki. On November 7, 2006 the residents of Union Beach agreed with our message of "Continue the Progress" and granted us with the opportunity to serve them for the next 3 years.

I would also like to Thank those individuals that worked with us during the campaign. If not for their dedication, none of this would be possible. I would also like to say Thank You to Council President Paul Smith and Councilman Bob Howard for all of their hard work and committment. Also, a special Thank You to Billy Beam, for without his unconditional support and never ending work ethic for our campaign much of what we were able to accomplish would not have been possible.

Over the next several weeks I will begin posting items on my blog that are relevant to the residents of Union Beach. Following in the manner of my peers, I fully intend to make myself accessible to all of the residents of Union Beach. Again, Thank You to everyone who made this possible.

Great Appreciation,
Charles Cocuzza

Union Beach
Councilman - Elect

Thursday, August 10, 2006


As many of you may or may not know, this November I will be seeking election to my first term on the Union Beach Borough Council. While I am honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve my community, I am also very much aware of the enormous responsability, dedication and countless hours of hard work that come with the position of Union Beach Borough Councilman.

It is my belief that the most important responsability of a borough councilman is not only listening to the people, but being the voice of the people. It will be my job, from day one to represent all of the people regardless of party affiliation, voting status, age, gender, religion, profession and / or associations. For me, it will be the collective voice of the Union Beach resident that I will use to speak with.

Over the past six months, I have attended every agenda meeting and every regular meeting of the Union Beach Borough Council and although the issues at hand always vary and the opinions are not always the same, the one constant that remains is always...."What is in the best interests of the residents of Union Beach ?" This is the one question that I will always ask regardless of the issue.

Although I have my own ideas, opinions and beliefs, I will never place them above the ideas, opinions and beliefs of the collective will of the residents of Union Beach.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Doing the work of the people

This November, I will be seeking election to the Union Beach Borough Council. Though this is my first time as a candidate, I have been involved with politics for many years now. I have learned a lot and hope to learn so much more.

Although, I am deeply concerned and disappointed that there are still politicians who feel that they are "entitled" to their seats. Don't get me wrong, I still know many politicians who work tiredlessly everyday for the people they represent. However, there are still those that feel that their many years of service make them untouchable and unaccountable to the people.

I am very irritated by politicians who walk around thinking that the people work for them! Maybe it is complacency setting in or becoming out of touch with the pulse of their constituents that makes some politicians act this way.

Although I have been involved in politics for many years, I have never understood why some issues take so long to be addressed. For example, the lowering of auto insurance premiums, a Lt. Governor for NJ and my all time favorite property tax reform along with education spending habits.

All of us have heard politicians promise to tackle the issue of auto insurance premiums in the State of NJ during election time. However, once elected to office it seems as though the issue dies almost immediately. I know that there are many factors to consider when attempting to lower auto insurance premiums, such as jobs and tax revenues for the State, but when the people say "enough is enough" I feel it becomes the responsability of our elected officials to take on the fight whatever the cost.

My second example regarding the voters of NJ saying "Yes, we want a Lt. Governor". The Assembly and Senate have said that this will happen in 2009? Why 2009? The people voted on it and want it now. I have learned that when someone says "I / We Can't" that usually means they "won't or don't want to". Politicians need to understand that in today's world of on demand everything, people are not willing to wait for what they want. The people have spoken on this issue and it is something that should be done NOW, not 2009.

My last example, regarding property tax reform and educational spending reform, actually go hand - in - hand. You cannot have intelligent and meaningful property tax reform until you tackle the issue of educational spending. Too much money is being thrown at the problem of failing school districts. In turn, we the taxpayers of NJ are forced to watch our hard earned money spent on districts that do not deserve it. When the voters go to the polls in any Board of Education Election and vote NO on the proposed budget that includes an enormous tax hike, they are then forced to sit and watch the Board of Education negotiate with their Borough Council to make cuts to the budget. However, if the Board of Education disagrees with those proposed cuts, they can, in turn appeal those cuts to the State Education Superintendent, who can, with the stroke of his pen, nullify the voice of the voters by reinstating the entire budget. What is the point of voting on a budget when in the end your constitutional right to vote will be essentially taken from you by one person?

Furthermore, when it comes to property tax reform, there are those in Trenton who want to hold a constitutional property tax reform convention. A convention which will be held to discuss new ways to increase revenues to the general fund. Here's an idea.....STOP SPENDING WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE!! If my wife and I ran our personal finances the way the state run's theirs' we would be homeless in a year. If you don't have the money, you don't spend it. There is no need for a convention to figure out what is painfully obvious to every one of the hard working people in NJ. In order to do this though, the State will have to really bite the bullet and they do run the risk of losing many votes by doing the right thing. However, you work for the people. Therefore, do what the people want. Lower our taxes, reform educational spending and lower auto insurance premiums.

We, the people of NJ work too hard and pay too much to have to listen to some politician say to us "Well, the situation is a lot more difficult than that"......NO IT'S NOT!